About About the Solar Museum

About the Museum of Solar Energy

Founded on the promise of elevating the discussion of solar energy throughout the world, the Museum of Solar Energy seeks to share the progress and possibilities of solar through a series of exhibits and educational experiences. 

The Collection

Our collection includes solar photovoltaic artifacts dating back to the early 1900s to today, helping to further the understanding of solar for the next generation and inspiring what comes next for solar cells and solar energy products.

Founding Members

Photo of Karl Wanger
Karl Wagner

Karl is a founder of The Museum of Solar Energy—and a full-fledged solar energy enthusiast. As a long-time collector of solar energy artifacts, most of the items in the museum are from his carefully curated personal collection.

Articles by Karl
Photo of Danielle Rhodes
Danielle Rhodes

Danielle is an expert in user experience and design, helping us keep the museum on track with her digital know-how.

Articles by Danielle
Headshot of Peter Sahlberg
Peter Sahlberg

Peter is the lead designer and web developer for the Museum of Solar Energy. His passion for graphic design, web technologies and all things solar come intersect here to help the museum shine.


Headshot photo of Aniketa Shinde
Aniketa Shinde

Aniketa is science consultant and content author for the Museum of Solar Energy. She has a PhD in Physics and her research interests include materials science, nanomaterials, and solar fuels.

Articles by Aniketa
Bill Burkett

Bill is our Solar Radios Historian and a resident of sunny Arizona where he has amassed a very comprehensive collection of early Solar Powered Radios and knowledge base regarding their chronological development.

Articles by Bill
Ed Sharpe

(1951-2024) Ed Sharpe embraced technology, and he was a fantastic contributor to the museum. He loved talking to people about electronics, photography, cameras, physics, computers, telephones, radios and the like. Many important objects in the museum can be attributed to his extensive private collection. https://smecc.org/